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  Rules and Fine Print                
  Select only one golfer from each box.                
  Golfers are ranked in each box by lowest (best) score at the end of the tournament.        
  The best golfer within each box will receive 5 points.              
  Points are awarded to the 2nd and 3rd best golfer within each box as shown.         
  Tournament Champion will receive an additional 5 points.            
  If a golfer withdraws before the tournament begins, picks can be changed by email prior to first tee time on Thursday.  
  Pool Tie Breakers:                    
  Tie breaker in total pool points is awarded to highest points in Box (1), then by Box (2), then by Box (3) and so on.  
  Box Tie Breakers:                    
  In case of tie within a box, golfers are ranked by best round on Sunday, then Saturday (if required), then Friday, then Thursday.
  Golfers making the cut always rank higher than golfers who missed the cut in the same box, regardless of their final score.
  Cut golfers are ranked by lowest two-round total.  If still tied, by lowest round on Friday.      
  Golfers having identical scores in all rounds are each awarded full points for their ranking within the box.     
  1st place = 70% of prizepool   pool website:  www.zpoolz.com    
  2nd place = 20% of prizepool   pool contact:  admin@zpoolz.com      
  3rd place = 5% of prizepool                
  Admin Fee = 5% of prizepool